The intention of this page is to direct you to a list of planning applications relevant to our area of Farnham, so that you are aware of   them before they are discussed by Farnham Town Council and Waverley Planning. 


 As of today's date I have found out that Waverley Planning are awaiting updated plans from the applicants - as soon as I am aware     of the updates I will let you know if there are any significant changes..


 After our letter to The Farnham Herald in September, a response was received from VIVID Homes by The Farnham Herald stating that "Thames   Water have agreed to complete upgrade works on their sewerage systems to be able to accommoddate more homes to   meet the needs of a larger site. These works will only be started once outline planning permission is granted which we expect to   receive soon."

 There are issues with the vehicular access to the site - these are ongoing.

 There are many letters to Waverley objecting to this development.

 The update as of the 20th of August 2020 was that the owners of Coxbridge Farm have written to The Case Officer at Waverley   Borough Council to advise them of their re-wilding of parts of the farm in order to mitigate the impact of the building of the 320   dwellings.

 There is no Decision Date on the website as of the 30th of December 2020

THIS LINK will take you to the Waverley Borough Council online planning application enquiry page. 

 If you have any questions relating to planning you can of course contact your local Town Councillors. 

 Alternatively, you can use our "Links" page to access the general Waverley planning site.