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North West Farnham Residents Association website

This website is devoted to the interests of the residents of North West Farnham, an area extending (for the purposes of the Association) to the North from the Alton Road up to the Odiham Road, and to the West from Folly Hill as far as Dippenhall.


Membership is open to everyone who lives in this area, and currently costs £3 per household per annum. Find out how to join us by using the Contact Us Form by clicking the link above.

Contact us with your ideas

You can use the Contact Us Form page by clicking the link above.

Please note that if your email is thought to be of general interest to the members of the Association it may be reproduced on this site. By sending an email you accept this possibility.


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Committee Members

Penny Marriott - Chair 
Richard Gunner - Treasurer
Julie Russ - Secretary
David King
Vivienne Miller
Anne Pullinger

 If you feel that you could give a few hours of your time every now and then and would like to join The Committee - please would you use the Contact Us Link? 

 We are also looking for Newsletter distributors and collectors of the yearly subscription from households in their area - please also use the Contact Us Link if you would like to help us.