Crooksbury Hill from the hopfields, January 2014

Public Meeting concerning the Planning Application for Beavers Road Hop Fields, 30 September 2014

In a crowded public meeting, with St. Francis Hall overflowing, Stewart Edge described in some detail the current position concerning Taylor Wimpey's application to build on the Hopfields. In the next couple of days we will post a copy of Stewart's slides, together with a summary of the grounds for objection. Meanwhile you can lodge an imediate objection by clicking Here and then choosing the "Online Comment" button.

Stewart also emphasised the importance of filling in the Waverley "Consultation on Potential Housing Scenarios" which you can find Here. The crucial point is to answer Question 13 giving Scenario 4 as your first choice (3,400 houses at Dunsfold) and leaving the other scenarios unranked.

01 October 2014

Here are the first documents relating to Stewart's presentation last night. Click Here to see the slides he used in his presentanion, or Here to see his list of Objections to the plans.

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