Crooksbury Hill from the hopfields, January 2014

David Edwards, a NWFRA member, has sent us a copy of his response to the Draft Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire. In part he said:

"This Questionnaire was cleverly drafted by a legal mind with clear instructions on how to phrase the questions in favour of the Council's decisions. It is a cynical exercise in 'going through the motions' in a charade of public accountability and alleged transparency of local government.

I challenge you to address your electorate in more honest and fair discussion and stand up to the profit-minded demands of the developers banging at your door. I call for a public forum where these issues can be properly debated and where FC, the developers and the public can engage in a frank and open discussion of what Farnham needs, what Farnham wants, and what Farnham can sustain as a unique town in West Surrey.

Click Here to see the rest of his response.

07 December 2014

We are now in a position to share a first draft of the NWFRA responses to Farnham Town Council's draft Neighbourhood Plan and advice on how you might answer the questionnaire. If you have any comment on these documents, please let us know by emailing either our planning specialist Stewart Edge at or our Chairman at

29 November 2014

Latest draft of the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan

Farnham Town Council has made the latest draft of the Neighbourhood Plan available on their web site. On page 16 you will find a map showing the proposed Built-up Area Boundary. With apologies for the quality of this image, we have produced a slight enlargement showing North West Farnham rather more clearly. You will see that the Built-up Area includes all of the Beavers Road Hopfields, the field behind Three Styles Road, and the Coxbridge Fields. Compare this with the previous map produced by Waverley, which excludes these areas. The proposed Neighbourhood Plan has clearly (in policy FNP9) included the Hopfields and Coxbridge as two of only five proposed greenfield sites in Farnham. This feels like a real betrayal by our Councillors; we don't expect sympathetic treatment from Waverley who simply want to find somewhere (anywhere) to build the number of houses they have been told to, but we had hoped that our local councillors might try to protect the historic character of their town. This is particularly galling for residents of North West Farnham since areas of South Farnham and the Bourne (where, coincidentally, all Councillors representing North West Farnham live) have been given protection.

The Draft neighbourhood Plan seems to have concluded that the relatively new housing areas of South Farnham or the Bourne have become of more historic/aesthetic worth than a rural landscape containing several old and historic footpaths including Potters gate (Saxon), the Pilgrims way between Winchester and Canterbury and the 6000 year old Harrow Way. It seems to have ignored the existing ‘Area of Strategic Visual Importance’ status for North West Farnham, whilst retaining and extending protections elsewhere in Farnham. It has completely ignored the obvious fact that the Hopfields are used extensively for dog walking and other recreation – when planning rules say that land of lesser environment and amenity value should be used first for building.

We should oppose this change with all means at our disposal. To do so you should complete the Neighbourhood Plan Survey by 15th December and in particular Question 25; Coxbridge farm and Crondall Lane sites are towards the end of the list. North West Farnham Residents’ Association (NWFRA) will put further information on its web site soon to suggest other responses, but at this stage we point out that Questions 46,48,52 and 53 relate to encouraging open spaces and infrastructure - though in our view not in ways that are likely to be effective.

Please also write to your local councillors (for Castle Ward) as follows:

Farnham Town Council, Councillors Paddy Blagden and Graham Parlett.

Waverley Borough Council, Councillors Paddy Blagden and Ian Sampson.

Surrey County Council, Councillor Pat Frost.

15 November 2014

This web site is devoted to the interests of the residents of North West Farnham, an area extending (for the purposes of the Association) to the North from the Alton Road up to the Odiham Road, and to the West from Folly Hill as far as Dippenhall. Membership is open to everyone who lives in this area, and currently costs 2 per household per annum. Click Here to join.

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